Introducing the DeoVR VR HMD player that supports 8K VR180 live streaming and is free to use.

Even if you have an 8K compatible VR180 live streaming camera or an 8K compatible VR broadcasting server, it’s rare to find a VR viewing HMD player that can watch 8K VR live streaming. Both YouTube and Facebook do not support VR180 live streaming, nor 8K live streaming.

After much searching, I found the DeoVR VR HMD player that supports 8K VR180 live streaming and is free to use. I will introduce how to use it.


What is DeoVR Video Streaming?

DeoVR Video Streaming is software developed by Infomediji, located in the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana. DeoVR also functions as a platform for VR videos.


DeoVR Video Streaming is compatible with Oculus, STEAMVR, PICO, and SideQuest.

Let’s immediately install DeoVR Video Streaming on Oculus Quest 2.

DeoVR Video Streaming


Installation of DeoVR Video Streaming on Oculus Quest2 is complete.

I previously set up a VR180 live streaming camera, Kandao VR Cam, and an 8K live streaming server (RTMP/HLS). This is HLS URL like.

Launch DeoVR, the home screen appears.

Select the URL bar at the top. Point the cursor and enter the hls URL. Please be careful whether you’re inputting http or https.

Upon entering the HLS URL. “”, I could view the VR180. The resolution seems to be 8K.

If you can’t see in VR180, please select 180 Lat/Lang and SideBySide.

DeoVR is one of the few VR apps where you can easily watch VR live streaming. Although it’s convenient, to input the HLS URL “”, I had to repeatedly put on and take off the HMD about 8 times while checking the URL.

If you’re interested, please try referring to DeoVR’s development forum. You can also use a json file.

In the next article, we built an 8K live streaming server.
Let’s build an H265 compatible 8K live streaming server (RTMP/HLS) and try out 8K live broadcasting.

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