Real-time 3D stereoscopic 360-degree/180-degree VR live streaming in Japan.

Real-time 3D stereoscopic 360-degree/180-degree VR live streaming in Japan.

At Jouer LTD, we specialize in providing customizable VR live streaming services in Japan, accommodating both 180-degree and 360-degree viewing angles with resolutions ranging from 4K to 16K and beyond, thanks to 5G technology. We’re equipped to serve a myriad of events, from news to sports and concerts, using our high-performance cameras suitable for fast-paced or low-light conditions. We cater to all broadcasting needs from short-term events to long-term system construction, providing equipment, software, and price estimates tailored to your specific requirements.

We strive to deliver the optimal VR live streaming service in Japan, tailored to our customers’ needs. Whether your requirement is for a 180-degree or 360-degree viewing angle, mono (flat) or stereo (3D, stereoscopic) imaging, we can provide it. As for resolution, depending on the internet connection speed and the playback device or platform environment, we can offer 4K, 5K, 6K, 7K, 8K, and beyond. With the advent of the fifth generation mobile communication system (5G), compatible devices, and formats, we are equipped to handle ultra-high resolution 360-degree videos surpassing 8K and reaching 10K, 12K, 14K, and 16K.

We prepare the ideal 360-degree/180-degree cameras for various events like news reporting, sports competitions, concert venues, music live shows, and more. For targets moving quickly, we recommend 360-degree/180-degree cameras that support high frame rates of over 60fps. In low-light conditions such as nighttime, we suggest 360-degree/180-degree cameras with superior high-sensitivity performance.

Tailored to your live streaming event, we propose the most suitable equipment including broadcasting gear, streaming workstations, and streaming software. We offer support for everything from short-term live streaming events to long-term VR broadcasting system construction. As for costs and prices, we will provide an estimate based on the streaming system and filming equipment best suited to your needs and the quality you desire. Please feel free to consult with us.


Real-time 3D Stereoscopic 360/180-degree VR Live Streaming Function

We can propose optimal live streaming systems for everything from small-scale to large-scale operations. Our large-scale VR broadcasting systems offered by Juue Co., Ltd. can connect to 180 and 360-degree cameras, enabling real-time stitching and live streaming. The system can connect to multiple 360-degree cameras, and real-time image switching (switching) is available. It can broadcast 360-degree footage just like a traditional 2D broadcast studio. We make optimal proposals tailored to your scale. We also offer VR live streaming systems with excellent cost performance suitable for small and medium scale.


Capable of 3D Stereoscopic 360-degree Real-time Stitch & Live Streaming

In addition to flat (monocular) 360-degree footage, it supports 3D stereoscopic (stereo) 360-degree footage. It allows for real-time stitching and live streaming of 360-degree videos. It is also compatible with the VR180 format and can be handled in the same way.

Supports 8K 360-degree Videos Beyond 4K Resolution

Supports 8K 360-degree videos exceeding 4K resolution. Depending on the performance, resolution, and frame rate you desire, you can connect various cameras. The advent of the next-generation 5G communication standards, compatible devices, and formats enables it to handle ultra-high resolution 360-degree videos surpassing 8K and reaching 10K, 12K, 14K, 16K, and beyond.

Real-time Switching and Chroma Key Composition of 360-degree Videos

As a 360-degree VR broadcasting system, it supports a switching function that allows for one-touch switch display of footage from multiple 360-degree cameras. It is also possible to place objects (websites, SNS, HTML5, 2D videos, etc.) in real-time on the 360-degree footage that has been real-time stitched.

Supports Various VR Live Streaming Streams

In addition to the standard RTMP (H264) format, you can also use RTMP supported H265 which is necessary for 8K. Besides, you can output in HDMI, SDI, NDI, Optical, and combine it with external streaming encoding. You can also use formats optimized for low latency such as RTSP, RTP. We support upstreaming of streaming as needed.

Video Delay Function to Adjust the Delay of Each Camera Footage

Supports a video delay function to adjust the delay of each camera’s footage. You can synchronize the footage. It outputs high-quality 360-degree footage with reduced image lag.

Real-time Chroma Key Composition of 360-degree Videos

Supports green screen chroma key composition. For example, it can real-time composite a 360-degree video shot on a green screen with a normal 360-degree video. This enables a wide range of expressions by combining with CG, shooting people and scenes separately.

Switching of 360-degree Footage in Real Time

In a single 360-degree live streaming broadcast, you can switch between 360-degree footage from multiple 360-degree cameras. You can switch 360-degree footage from 360-degree cameras in real-time, and in addition to real-time footage, you can also switch to pre-recorded 360-degree footage and 360-degree stills.

Can be Combined with Switcher or Control Panel

It can be used in combination with a switcher or control panel. You can control large-scale and complex 360-degree live productions just like conventional 2D broadcasts.

Compatible with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, etc.

Compatible with head-mounted displays such as HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. You can watch 360-degree footage on a head-mounted display. It can be used offline as well. For 8K live streaming, we will prepare an 8K-compatible HMD for you.

Custom VR Camera Design According to Requirements

We will select and build cameras that meet the required specifications such as resolution, frame rate, durability, etc. The system also supports a variety of output formats, including HDMI output, SDI output, NDI output, and optical output. We will make the best proposal by looking at the overall design of the VR live streaming, including built-in software encoders and external encoders.

Advanced VR Live Streaming Design

VR live streaming equipment built with broadcast equipment has excellent stability. Because it’s broadcasting equipment, it can also run 24 hours a day without any problem. We design and build the equipment configuration according to the necessary conditions. We can achieve the necessary versatility and expandability.

Redundancy Through Multiplexing

By multiplexing various functions, if there is a problem with the system, you can switch to a backup system for handling. We will propose a system design that takes into account the necessary redundancy based on our many years of broadcast engineering experience.


Flow from Live Streaming Production to Equipment Introduction in Japan

Please first let us know your requirements. We will propose the most suitable VR live streaming service equipment. If agreeable, we will hold a detailed meeting and confirm the schedule. We will prepare for the main event by conducting rehearsals and location scouting. During the main event, we will bring the equipment to the site, set it up, and execute the live streaming. In the case of equipment introduction, we will make various preparations for delivery.


360/180 Degree Camera System for VR Live Streaming

360/180-degree cameras have various characteristics. It’s important to select the most suitable camera depending on the usage scenario. For example, in the player’s waiting room, we could place an α7S II + ultra-wide-angle lens, in the venue’s announcement seat a Kandao QooCam 8K Enterprise, on the game field a Kandao Obsidian Pro, and behind the goal a GH5S + ultra-wide-angle lens. It’s possible to create combinations suited to the usage context.

Z CAM K1 PRO (Supports Stereoscopy)

This is a 180-degree VR camera that conforms to Google’s VR format “180VR”. It has a large sensor size and adopts Sony EXMOR CMOS image sensor with a four-thirds (4/3 type) size. It’s an ideal camera for live streaming in 180 degrees only. Long-time and multiple simultaneous operation are possible. As a 180-degree camera, it’s easy to operate as it allows for utilization of space behind the camera. The placement of lighting and audio microphones is also simple.

Kandao QooCam 8K Enterprise

QooCam 8K Enterprise is a corporate live streaming edition with added LAN and HDMI interfaces. It’s a VR camera that supports 8K 360°, capable of achieving highly stable long-time VR live streaming. It can realize real-time 360° live streaming from 8K to 4K. The encoding is built into the camera. It can broadcast as a standalone unit.

Kandao Obsidian Pro (Supports Stereoscopy)

This camera has a proven track record, having been used at the Tokyo Olympics and Beijing Winter Olympics. For VR live streaming, you can choose a resolution of 8K30p, as well as 6K60p and 4K60p. The encoding is built into the camera. It can broadcast as a standalone unit.

GH× Series + Ultra Wide Angle Lens (Supports Stereoscopy)

This is a high-sensitivity camera that is resistant to low-light environments. It’s ideal for events like fireworks or concerts. Synchronization of time codes is possible through TCIN/OUT terminal expansion. It can be operated alone or in combination of 2 to 3 units, enabling 4K30fp to 6K60fps and making stereoscopic vision possible when placed side by side.

α Series + Ultra Wide Angle Lens (Supports Stereoscopy)

This is a high-sensitivity camera that is resistant to low-light environments. It’s ideal for events like fireworks or concerts. It can be operated alone or in combination of 2 to 3 units, enabling 4K30fp to 6K60fps and making stereoscopic vision possible when placed side by side. The α7 series has a lot of operational experience and is a reliable camera system.

Cinema Camera + Ultra Wide Angle Lens (Supports Stereoscopy)

This camera is manufactured with long-time shooting in mind and has high reliability in long-time live broadcasting. It’s a camera system for 360-degree VR broadcasting systems. By combining 2 to 5 units, 4K to 8K operation is possible, and stereoscopic vision is possible when placed side by side. It can also achieve excellent compatibility with existing broadcasting equipment.

Remote Operable Multi-Camera (Supports Stereoscopy)

Z CAM E2 is a compact camera with a 4K60p HDMI output. It can also operate as an IP camera via an Ethernet network. Simultaneous recording with live streaming is possible, and the frames of each recorded video.


Questions and Answers about VR Live Streaming

Question: Questions and Answers about VR Live Streaming

Answer: Jouer LTD. boasts a wealth of experience in 360-degree filming. A major advantage is that we can prepare the best filming equipment for any scene. We can provide a wide range of services, from selling equipment to system implementation and operational support.

Question: How much does it cost if we want to request a live broadcast?

Answer: It varies greatly depending on the structure of the live broadcasting system and the duration. We will conduct a preliminary hearing and propose the necessary configuration. We are capable of handling even large and complex 3D stereoscopic 360-degree VR broadcasting systems. Please feel free to inquire.

Question: What equipment do you use for filming?

Answer: We will select the best camera for filming according to the budget and purpose.

Question: How long is the delivery time?

Answer: It varies greatly depending on the content and scale. Preparation is required at least two weeks before the scheduled date of live broadcasting.

Question: Can we consider after seeing a demo in advance?

Answer: Yes, that’s possible. Please visit Jouer LTD.

Question: We would like to be able to broadcast in-house.

Answer: We fully support you from sales, rentals, training, to system construction. Please feel free to consult with us.

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