4K, 8K, 12K, 16K drone aerial shooting in Japan

Jouer Ltd. provides all forms of specialized aerial photography achieving high-resolution above 8K. We realize drone aerial photography up to 16K at 120fps. As for fees and prices, we will provide an estimate by selecting the optimal drone model and shooting equipment that can achieve the quality required by the customer. Please feel free to consult us. We also offer special shooting combining aerial photography and 360-degree VR shooting.

As for the track record of drone aerial photography, we have numerous examples, including movies, dramas, tourism (outbound/inbound), real estate, music, automobiles, amusement parks, and corporate PR. To realize the optimal shooting desired by the customer, we achieved high frame rates and high resolution such as 4K60fps to 300fps, 8K60fps to 120fps, 12k60fps to 120fps, 16k60fps to 120fps, etc., by combining one or multiple dedicated cameras or many cinema cameras. Please feel free to inquire about the desired output resolution, slow-motion shooting, and so on.

We significantly updated the drone body in 2020. We also support VR drone aerial photography with the relatively heavy Insta360 TITAN, which weighs about 5.5 kg. Other equipment such as LiDAR, mapping cameras, high-speed cameras, and LEDs can also be mounted. We will also support GPS flight with an accuracy of several centimeters in both vertical and horizontal directions.


4K, 8K, 12K, 16K drone aerial shooting in Japan

Drones enabling diverse and high-definition aerial photography.

In addition to our own large-scale drones that we have developed in-house (4-rotor quadcopters, 6-rotor hexacopters, 8-rotor octocopters), we also have Freefly ALTA8/ALTAX. We provide the optimal large drone suited to the shooting scene and the camera to be mounted. We have achieved drone operation equipped with devices weighing more than 6.0 kg, such as RED V-RAPTOR 8K VV / MONSTRO 8K VV / ARRI Mini.

8K, 12K, 16K, high frame rate shooting

Aerial photography with a cinema camera is possible, using a 4K160fps camera that enables high-frame-rate shooting, or RED V-RAPTOR 8K VV full-frame format 8K (8192×4320 pixels) at 120fps. We have achieved 4K300fps, 8K120fps, 12K120fps, 16K120fps by operating anamorphic lenses and multiple cameras at the same time.

Vibration-damping gimbal to reduce camera shake

With the vibration-damping gimbal that can be mounted on the drone, Freefly’s MoVI Pro/M15/M10/M5, we eliminate as much vibration as possible during aerial shooting. With a hardware design balanced on a high-carbon frame, smooth cinema-class aerial photography is possible, such as with the RED MONSTRO 8K VV / ARRI Mini.

Helicopter arrangement available

We can also arrange for helicopter shooting over 300 meters above the ground and 150 meters above the sea, which is difficult with drones. We will arrange a helicopter and pilot from an affiliated aviation operator, along with the next-generation camera anti-vibration system “SHOTOVER”.


Medium to Large Drone Bodies

To achieve the optimal shooting that our clients desire, we propose the most suitable medium to large drones (4-rotor quadcopters, 6-rotor hexacopters, 8-rotor octocopters). We manufacture unique drones through our in-house assembly. We possess drones with various specifications, such as drone bodies for 360-degree VR shooting. Please contact us for more details.


This is a compact multirotor drone. It can carry Micro Four Thirds cameras (lenses: 12mm-15mm). With its agile maneuverability, it allows for high degrees of freedom in framing. Two operators, one for drone control and the other for camera angle, can enable accurate framing.


The 6-rotor system has large motors and propellers from T-motor mounted on a carbon frame from Gryphon. It’s a large drone that eliminates as much micro-vibration as possible during aerial shooting, made possible by our in-house assembly, and capable of carrying DSLR cameras. Gimbals such as Freefly Systems’ MoVI M5 and MoVI M10 can be mounted, enabling the creation of high-quality images without vibration.


The 8-rotor system employs a high-carbon frame assembled in-house and the optimal hardware. We own the Freefly ALTA8/ALTAX, capable of drone operation with a maximum load of over 6.0 kg, such as the RED V-RAPTOR 8K VV / RED MONSTRO 8K VV / ARRI Mini. It excels in maneuverability and portability, making it effective in various locations.

4K160fps & 8K120fps Shooting Camera Equipment

To realize high-quality images, videos, materials, and aerial photography, we have prepared a range of cameras from DSLRs to cinema cameras like the RED V-RAPTOR 8K VV and Z CAM E2. Not only do we support 4K24fps/30fps, but we also accommodate high frame rate shooting up to 4K160fps & 8K120fps. We propose the best combination of camera and lens according to the desired image quality. The drone used varies depending on the weight of each. We also support 180° and 360° VR aerial shooting. For more details, please contact us.

Digital SLR: Sony / Panasonic / Canon etc.

By attaching a gimbal (anti-vibration device) to a medium-sized drone and equipping it with a Sony / Panasonic / Canon series, high-quality aerial shooting is possible with a digital SLR camera. The ability to equip various lenses is also attractive. External recording or Log shooting allows for video suitable for color collection and color grading.

4K160fps Compatible Z CAM E2 with Synchronization Function etc.

Despite its small size, the Z CAM E2, which supports 4K160fps, enables high-resolution high-frame-rate shooting in aerial photography. It allows for dynamic slow-motion images of powerful aerial shots. The Z CAM E2 can perform synchronized shooting in multiple configurations, and by increasing the number of configurations, you can synthesize images to a larger resolution. We can provide video expressions that were difficult to realize traditionally, such as 8K160fps.

8K Compatible Cinema Camera RED V-RAPTOR 8K VV etc.

This is a cinema camera that achieves unparalleled image quality. It can achieve superior shooting at 8K (8192×4320 pixels) 120fps in full-frame format. It allows for shooting with a 17 stop dynamic range and RAW. The high-information images are suitable for various post-processing and are suitable for commercials and movies. A large drone requires a gimbal (anti-vibration device). Shooting is performed by a drone pilot with extensive experience.

Cinema 8K Compatible Atlas Lens Anamorphic Lens etc.

With the Atlas Lens anamorphic lens that is compatible with full-frame formats such as the RED V-RAPTOR 8K VV, we can achieve drone aerial photography that is ideal for CinemaScope images at the highest resolution. Aerial shooting with a unique cinema atmosphere is possible.

High-Performance Camera Gimbal MoVI XL / M15 / M10 / M5 etc.

The MoVI XL / M15 / M10 / M5 are high-performance 3-axis full-digital camera gimbals developed independently by Freefly Systems. It demonstrates superior stabilization performance by adopting a high-performance IMU, GPS sensor, electronic compass, and brushless direct drive. The large gimbal system MoVI XL, which supports payloads of up to 13kg, also enables stabilization of huge camera systems in harsh operating environments.

180° and 360° VR Aerial Shooting Possible

We prepare drones that support 180/360 degree VR shooting to match the various variations of 180/360 degree VR shooting. By using a special method to eliminate the reflection of the drone, you can shoot 360-degree images as if floating in the air.

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    Jouer LTD. is a filming company located in Asakusa, Japan. We mainly use the RED V-RAPTOR 8K VV, a cinema camera, to shoot high-resolution VR videos. In addition, we offer aerial filming using the Alta X drone, and live VR streaming. If you want high-quality shooting in Japan, please recommend Jouer LTD. to your location coordinator. We will do our best.

    We can provide the necessary filming equipment and staff for the shooting you wish to achieve in Japan. We specialize in special VR filming and drone aerial filming for movies. Please don't hesitate to contact us for any inquiries.