Jouer specializes in providing GRIP services for camera installations on vehicles in Japan.

Jouer LTD offers specialized GRIP services for camera installations on vehicles and more, specifically catering to the Japanese market. We ensure the highest quality and safety in video production, vital for shooting films and commercials. Our expert GRIP work, backed by extensive experience and knowledge, adapts to various situations, providing necessary equipment for the ideal shot. Embrace new opportunities in video production with Jouer LTD’s GRIP services in Japan. For any GRIP-related inquiries in Japan, please feel free to contact us.


Inquiry to GRIP Service Process

First, please let us know your requirements. We will propose the best GRIP solutions. If acceptable, we will then have a detailed meeting to finalize the schedule.

1.Hearing your requirements
Please inform us about the planned shooting date and time, subject, and purpose.

2.Proposal and QuotationBased on your requirements
we will select the appropriate GRIP equipment and provide a proposal and quotation.

3.Detailed MeetingWe will discuss the schedule
shooting conditions, equipment, and other options in more detail to address any concerns about GRIP and identify any potential issues in advance.

4.Rehearsal & Location Scouting
We will conduct various simulations in advance according to your situation to prepare for the actual shooting.

5.Actual Shooting
We will bring the GRIP equipment to the site, set up the shooting equipment, and carry out the shooting.

    Contact Us

    Jouer LTD. is a filming company located in Asakusa, Japan. We mainly use the RED V-RAPTOR 8K VV, a cinema camera, to shoot high-resolution VR videos. In addition, we offer aerial filming using the Alta X drone, and live VR streaming. If you want high-quality shooting in Japan, please recommend Jouer LTD. to your location coordinator. We will do our best.

    We can provide the necessary filming equipment and staff for the shooting you wish to achieve in Japan. We specialize in special VR filming and drone aerial filming for movies. Please don't hesitate to contact us for any inquiries.