“RoboScope ZeroDelay” – Ultra-Low Latency 3D Stereoscopic VR Camera System

Jouer LTD. (Headquarters: Taito Ward, Tokyo, CEO: Yuichiro Yamazaki) is pleased to announce the launch of “RoboScope ZeroDelay,” an ultra-low latency 3D stereoscopic VR camera system from our MONTE series. This innovative system, with a latency of under 50ms (measured at 41.5ms) from the transmitting camera to the receiving monitor, is perfectly suited for robotics and AI solutions. It will be available starting early July 2023.

“RoboScope ZeroDelay” provides a natural 3D stereoscopic vision and ultra-low latency display, making it ideal for integration with robotics, AI solutions, telepresence, remote medical services, industrial robots, autonomous vehicles, drones, and security surveillance systems.

Jouer LTD. will continue to strive for cutting-edge technological developments, working tirelessly to offer optimal solutions for our clients in fields such as robotics and AI solutions.



  • Seamless 3D stereoscopic vision
  • Real-time conversion to VR format (Equirectangular)
  • Ultra-low latency of less than 50ms (measured at 41.5ms) for image transmission
  • Compatibility with various head-mounted displays (HMD)
  • Operates in a wide range of network environments
  • Stable image transmission even over long distances (~18000 kilometers)
  • Various customization options available



▼ Seamless 3D stereoscopic vision
By positioning two 220° wide-angle lenses at a distance of 65mm, the same as human inter-pupillary distance (PD), we have achieved a seamless 3D stereoscopic vision.

▼ Real-time conversion to VR format (Equirectangular)
Images from the two 220° wide-angle lenses are converted in real-time to a VR format (Equirectangular). By viewing these images on a head-mounted display (HMD) at the receiving end, you can enjoy 3D stereoscopic viewing.

▼ Ultra-low latency of less than 50ms (measured at 41.5ms) for image transmission
We can transmit 4K120fps equivalent 3D VR180 images with ultra-low latency (less than 50ms). This measurement represents the latency from the transmitting camera to the display on the receiving monitor.

▼ Compatibility with various head-mounted displays (HMD)
We are compatible with various head-mounted displays (HMD), including Oculus and VIVE, allowing for use with a wide range of HMD devices and providing an optimal VR system for your environment.

▼ Operates in a wide range of network environments
We can operate in a wide range of network environments such as 4G LTE, 5G, 5G Local, wired LAN, and wireless LAN, achieving flexible and rapid communication. We also support VPN and closed networks, considering security and privacy.

▼ Various customization options
We offer a range of customization options, including changes to the design of the camera and lenses, redundancy assurance through dualizing network lines, a picture-in-picture (PIP) feature using 2D images, signal transmission and reception via sensors or CAN bus, and dedicated VPN server setup. Our edge-terminal-focused small, low-power model operates at 10W.

▼ Stable image transmission over long distances (~18000 kilometers) with low latency (less than 160ms)
We were able to confirm stable transmission and reception of 4K equivalent 3D VR180 images over a distance of about 18000km, with low latency (less than 160ms). For this demonstration experiment, we built a server in the western United States (Northern California), transmitted images from Taito Ward, Tokyo, through the server in Northern California, and received the images again in Taito Ward, Tokyo.

About Jouer LTD.

Established in 2012, Jouer LTD (located in Taito-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: YUICHIRO YAMAZAKI) is a specialized photography and camera-lens professional company. The company conducts drone aerial photography, 360° VR shooting, sales and rental of photography-related equipment, and is an agent for camera-related equipment manufacturers. Derived from the French word “JOUER” (to play or enjoy), the company name signifies its mission to continuously propose fun to society. They provide exciting products and services based on this corporate philosophy.

The MONTE series is the name for Jouer LTD’s VR system series.

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