“Octa Immersive Vision” VR Camera System Equipped with Eight 4K Cameras

“Octa Immersive Vision” VR Camera System with Eight 4K Cameras Jouer LTD (Headquarters: Taito-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: YUICHIRO YAMAZAKI) will begin offering the “Octa Immersive Vision”, a part of the advanced MONTE VR camera system series, in early July 2023. This system is designed for professionals in film, virtual production, digital signage, and research.

The “Octa Immersive Vision” allows for the installation of eight synchronized 4K cameras in vehicles or similar platforms. This configuration allows for high-quality image capture in any 360° direction after shooting. It is ideal for obtaining film and virtual production footage, wide-angle digital signage, and for inspecting deteriorating large-scale facilities, such as roads.

Jouer LTD. will continue to strive for cutting-edge technological development, aiming to provide optimal solutions to our clients in the field of specialized video capture.



  • Eight synchronized 4K cameras arranged at 45° intervals
  • Compatibility ranging from film shooting to slow-motion capture
  • Composite camera output according to requirements
  • Can output to various image formats
  • Image profiles like Rec.709, Log, FLAT, HLG
  • High-quality or long-term shooting with ProRes 422HQ and H265 (10bit)
  • Bulk camera setting change function
  • Preview and operation via Ethernet, remote control possible
  • Includes a small 360° camera for preview and live streaming
  • Customizable camera, lens, and fixed rig
  • ※Some features are currently under development and may differ from the final release version.



    ▼Eight synchronized 4K cameras placed every 45 degrees
    Eight synchronized 4K cameras are placed every 45 degrees. The system utilizes wide-angle fisheye lenses, resulting in over 50% overlap in footage from adjacent cameras. This allows for consistent recording in a 360° direction. Furthermore, the lens mount is MFT-mount compatible, so you can change lenses to suit shooting conditions.

    ▼Supports various shooting scenarios from film shooting to slow motion
    You can select frame rates from 23.98fps to 240fps. From the standard 24fps typically used in movie shooting to 240fps suitable for slow-motion shooting, it can handle diverse shooting scenarios. Please note that some restrictions on settings such as resolution may apply when selecting frame rates above 60fps.

    ▼Combine camera footage as needed for output
    Footage from the eight 4K cameras can be combined to output as 8K footage. You can select footage from one or more specific cameras and either combine them or output them individually, which is convenient when you need footage from a particular direction after shooting.

    ▼Output to various video formats is possible
    The footage obtained from the wide-angle fisheye lenses can be converted into an equirectangular (spherical) format. With this conversion, it’s possible to output to various video formats from the equirectangular format. For example, you can convert it into a 16:9 video depending on the required field of view, or you can convert it into a cubemap for projection.

    ▼Video profiles such as Rec.709, Log, FLAT, HLG
    You can choose from video profiles such as Rec.709, Log, FLAT, HLG. By selecting the Log profile, you can shoot within a wide dynamic range of 13 to 15 stops. This allows you to retain detailed information from highlights to shadows and offers greater freedom in color correction.

    ▼Supports high-quality or long-time recording with ProRes 422HQ and H265 (10bit)
    The system can record with ProRes 422HQ and H265 (10bit). By using 2TB of dedicated storage, you can record for approximately 100 minutes with ProRes 422HQ or about 17 hours with H265 (10bit). Please note that the recording time can vary depending on settings and footage.

    ▼Bulk camera setting change function
    By operating one master camera, it’s possible to change the settings of the other seven slave cameras. This allows for bulk changes to camera settings.

    ▼Preview and operation via Ethernet, remote control is also possible
    You can preview and control the camera from mobile devices or laptops via Ethernet, giving you flexible control of the system. By combining with a wireless LAN or 5G/4G router, you can control the camera even from a remote location.

    ▼Small 360° camera for preview and live streaming
    In addition to the eight 4K cameras, a small 360° camera is incorporated. This allows for real-time 360° video recording to an external recorder for quick playback. Alternatively, you can connect a 5G/4G router to the small 360° camera to enable 360° live streaming.

    ▼Customizable cameras, lenses, and fixed rigs
    The design of the cameras, lenses, and fixed rigs can be altered. Additions such as mechanical or motorized stabilizers, as well as mounting or development on vehicles, etc., are also possible. We can provide products that better meet your specific needs and project requirements.

    *Please note that some functions are currently under development and their specifications may differ from the final release version.


    About Jouer LTD.

    Established in 2012, Jouer LTD (located in Taito-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: YUICHIRO YAMAZAKI) is a specialized photography and camera-lens professional company. The company conducts drone aerial photography, 360° VR shooting, sales and rental of photography-related equipment, and is an agent for camera-related equipment manufacturers. Derived from the French word “JOUER” (to play or enjoy), the company name signifies its mission to continuously propose fun to society. They provide exciting products and services based on this corporate philosophy.

    The MONTE series is the name for Jouer LTD’s VR system series.


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