Photogrammetry, NeRF, and VR Filming


Jouer. LTD uses a variety of still cameras, video cameras, VR cameras, ultra-wide to zoom and single-focus lenses, camera cars, camera bicycles, large electric dollies, large drones, stabilizers, laser scanners, etc. to achieve optimal shooting for any situation and requirement. The captured footage is post-processed as per the purpose and use, such as corrections, reprojections, and low-polygon conversions. We will export the 3D information in the desired format (fbx/obj/ply.etc…) and deliver it to you.

We provide material for businesses utilizing metaverses and digital twins, 3D content-oriented data material, data for virtual productions seeking reality reality, and material for metaverse spaces in metahumans or Fortnite, etc. We offer photogrammetry, NeRF, and VR shooting tailored to their respective characteristics. This is a shooting service that supports business development and virtual simulations in virtual worlds such as digital twins and metaverses, creating new visual experiences through the use of photogrammetry, NeRF, and VR filming.